Kid Icarus 3D Classics free with Uprising pre-order

Many gamers that will pick up Kid Icarus: Uprising for 3DS may never have had a chance to play the original NES game. Thankfully, Nintendo of America is offering an updated version of the 25 year old classic free with pre-orders of the game. The enhanced 3D Classics version of Kid Icarus will be included with all pre-ordered copies of the game at select retailers. The eShop port includes new graphics and 3D visuals.

NES version on the left; 3DS version on the right

Nintendo also detailed the new "Fiend's Cauldron" feature of Uprising. This system lets "players customize their play experience by adjusting the intensity level." Essentially, it is a difficulty scaler. However, whereas most games like you select three, maybe four, different levels of challenge, Uprising will let you set a number between 0.0 and 9.0, adjustable by increments of 0.1. "As the intensity increases, players will be able to earn more Hearts and more powerful weapon drops from defeated enemies," Nintendo notes. However, more challenging play comes with consequences. "In order to increase the intensity, players must bet by placing an increasing number of Hearts into the Fiend’s Cauldron. If the player is defeated during the Chapter, some Hearts will be lost and the intensity will be lowered." Kid Icarus: Uprising will be available on March 23rd. It will include a free plastic stand to make the game a bit more comfortable to play.