Doom returns to XBLA today

Over a year after Doom was pulled from Xbox Live Arcade due to publisher Activision's rights expiring, the console port of id Software's seminal shooter is returning. If, for some reason, you want to play Doom on Xbox 360 rather than PC--split-screen multiplayer being the only real acceptable answer--you may buy it again from today.

Doom vanished from XBLA in October 2010 without explanation, though those who'd already bought it could still play. After a little prodding, id's sister company Bethesda explained that "expiring rights" were behind the vanishing act, and that Bethesda itself would be re-releasing Doom for sale on XBLA "soon." That took a little longer than expected, then.

Doom will hit the Xbox Live Marketplace "later today," priced at 400 Microsoft Points ($5).