Unstoppable Gorg invading PC, Mac, iPad Jan 19

Denizens of the miserable rock known as 'Earth,' know that the Unstoppable Gorg is coming to free you from your pitiful existences this week. Our advance propaganda infiltration unit Futuremark Games Studio will then educate you in His glorious ways with a tower defense "video game," PC, Mac and iPad electronic toys.

The PC edition will be deployed to Steam on January 19, alongside a previously-unrevealed Mac version. Priced at $9.99, it'll be a Steamplay release, so buying once gets you it for both platforms.

Unstoppable Gorg for iPad is also due on January 19, priced at $4.99. An Xbox Live Arcade version is also in the works, slated to launch some time in the first half of this year.

Do not think you can use this propaganda toy to train in fighting The Glorious Gorg, for He is Unstoppable. Behold His majesty:

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