Under Siege free update adds four-player support, new multiplayer maps

Under Siege, a criminally-underlooked RTS for the PlayStation Network, is receiving a free update today that adds a number of new features. The 1.02 update adds four-player support, playable both online and locally, split-screen. Four additional multiplayer maps have been added to the game, including one co-op map.

In addition, there have been "general performance improvements," "shorter load times," and the addition of anti-aliasing.

Seed Studios isn't quite done updating the game. The next patch, 1.03, will offer the ability to share maps and record gameplay footage in 720p.

Under Siege originally released on PS3 last Spring to mixed reviews. Critics noted "sudden difficulty spikes" as a primary complaint, something that's been addressed in the latest patch. The game is currently available for $13.99.