Saints Row: The Third free CheapyD DLC available next week

Don't have the Saint's Row: The Third season pass? Well, all you cheapstakes will be able to get a free DLC pack next week, courtesy of "CheapyD," creator of popular video game deals website, CAG.

Self-described as a "c-list internet celebrity," CheapyD was imported into the world of Saints Row after winning a charity auction. In addition to seeing his iconic bald head, you'll also be able to hear over 200 recorded lines once you unlock him in the campaign. He'll be available as a "homie" once you've reached Shaundi's ex-boyfriend's apartment, after the assault on the armory.

The download will be available on January 17th on all platforms. On Steam, a compatibility patch will be automatically downloaded. On PS3, you'll have to download the "CheapyD Pack" off the PlayStation Store. Finally, on Xbox, you'll have to download the Genkibowl VII Viewer Pack, or purchase the Genkibowl VII DLC Pack.

After downloading the DLC, you'll be able to call Cheapy on your cell and have him "shoot people in the face for you."