Just Dance Series sells 25 million units

Proving that people relish an opportunity to be tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty, Ubisoft today announced that its boogy 'em up series Just Dance has now sold-through over 25 million units worldwide. The latest installment, Just Dance 3, accounts for a respectable 7 million of those.

Those 25 million sales are spread across Just Dance, Just Dance 2, the jazzed-up JD2 compilation Just Dance Summer Party, and Just Dance Kids on Wii, as well as Just Dance 3 and Just Dance Kids 2, which moonwalked onto Xbox 360 Kinect and PlayStation Move too.

"It's quite a feat that Just Dance 3 beat out all competition to be the No. 1 game on all motion-controlled platforms for the month of December," Ubi senior VP of sales and marketing Tony Key boasted in the announcement. "The Just Dance franchise continues to be the game of choice for consumers around the world looking for games with great music and fun dance moves."