Nintendo 3DS plastic stand included with Japanese Kid Icarus

Back at E3, I noted that Kid Icarus: Uprising was "not particularly comfortable" to play. "Given how quickly all the characters move, it felt like aiming with the stylus simply couldn't keep up with the action on hand," I noted.

In an attempt to ease playing Uprising on the 3DS, Nintendo is bundling a plastic stand with Japanese copies of the game. The stand will position the 3DS at a playable angle and will allow you to play the game without having to hold onto the system.

Project Sora director Masahiro Sakurai tweeted an image of the included stand, and noted that it would work also offer "much higher flexibility" when playing other 3DS games. (via Giant Bomb)

Coupled with the odd Circle Pad Pro, the addition of this plastic stand continues Nintendo's acknowledgement that the 3DS has some significant hardware issues that get in the way of playing games. There's no word if Nintendo of America will follow suit and offer this plastic peripheral. We've contacted NOA for more information.