Minecraft 1.1 update adds world options, bow enchantments

Minecraft has received its first major update since version 1.0 released late last year. Version 1.1 is already available, and brings some new tweaks, a new recipe, and various bug-fixes, among other additions.

The feature list includes bow enchantments for powering up your long-range weapons, a recipe to make the rare and nutritious Golden Apple, reduced brewing time to 20 seconds, and sheep eating grass to regain wool. Other minor additions include Spawn Eggs added to the Creative mode, collision boxes removed from ladders, and smoother color transitions between biomes.

New language options are available as well, along with a World Type selector. Right now it's limited to super-flat and default, but the future implications of the feature could really make customizing your world easier than ever.

To show off the new whiz-bang features, H.A.T. Films has put together a 1.1 trailer. Check it out below.