DICE ramps up Battlefield 3 anti-cheating measures

Few things in competitive multiplayer games are more annoying than encountering cheaters, as breaking the rules of the game ruins the experience for everyone else. Thankfully, the good folks at DICE feel the same way, and have implemented some new anti-cheating measures for Battlefield 3, fresh on the heels of stat-wiping and banning a sizable number of said cheaters from the game.

DICE reveals on the official Battlefield 3 blog that it's "recently banned another batch of several hundred confirmed cheaters based on your reports and our player behavior data." The developer further states: "Stats wiping and banning this disruptive minority is the only way they will understand that they are ruining the game for others."

Beginning today, Battlefield 3 players will be able to easily report other players they believe are cheating in-game, so that DICE can investigate and take necessary action.

It works like this: If you suspect a player of cheating, you can go to Battlelog, visit the profile page of the suspected cheater, and then click the yellow triangle with the exclamation point next to his or her name. A window will then open, allowing you to describe--in as much detail as possible--why you suspect the player is cheating. Linking to the Battle Report of the match in question will also help.

"These reports are then received by our analysts here at DICE who will do a deeper analysis of the situation and take appropriate action, including stats wiping and/or banning players who are confirmed as cheating," DICE explains.

While sifting through player-submitted complaints of cheating in order to determine which ones are valid sounds like an administrative nightmare of sorts, we can certainly get behind DICE's impetus to keep cheaters from unfairly turning the tide of battle.