Team17 infests GOG with Worms, Alien Breed

Veteran English indie Team17 Software has latched onto Good Old Games, infesting the digital distributor with its classic Worms United and Alien Breed. They're the first spawn of a relationship that'll see more Team17 games bursting forth from GOG, including Superfrog and World Rally Fever. $5.99 gets you Worms United, which packs the original Worms--not any of its innumerable sequels, 3D iterations, spin-offs, revamps, remakes, or anything else--plus the 'Reinforcements' expansion. It's a snip for hours of nostalgic turn-based strategy shenanigans. Alien Breed is also offered in a $5.99 pack, with the original and the third game in top-down shooter series, Alien Breed: Tower Assault. Team17 recently revived the franchise in the episodic Alien Breed Evolution, though replaced the enemies clearly lifted from the Alien movie series--half the charm, really. Team17's Superfrog and World Rally Fever: Born on the Road are both due to arrive next week. Unspecified further games are promised "later on this year."

Any similarities to Alien are possibly intended