Netflix available at Vita launch, Play Memories Studio announced for PS3

Netflix is available on every other gaming device. So, perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised that the popular movie-streaming service will be available on the Vita at launch. Netflix joins a rather large library of non-gaming apps available for Vita at launch, including Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, and Skype.

In addition to Netflix, the Vita will also launch with Music Unlimited, Sony's premium music streaming service. Plans start from $3.99 a month.

There were a few more announcements from Sony at CES. The company also announced that Play Memories Studio, a video-editing app, will be available for PS3. (PlayMemories, a photo-viewing app, is currently available on PS3 for free.)

Sony also updated us with recent PlayStation sales numbers. 6.5 million PlayStation hardware units were sold over the holiday season, with 500,000 of those being Vita units in Japan.