MacGuffin’s Curse bringing adventure, puzzles, and werewolves this April

Australian indie developer Brawsome, maker of the humorous canine-pirate adventure Jolly Rover, has revealed its next title. MacGuffin's Curse is a puzzle-adventure of lycanthropic proportions and is due April 19th on Steam, and the App Store "soon."

In MacGuffin's Curse, players will take on the role of a charming thief named Lucas MacGuffin, who gets more than he bargained for upon stealing a talisman called the Lupine Twine Amulet from the the city of Feyre's Museum of Myths and Mysteries. The amulet bestows the ability to change back and forth between Lucas' human form and that of a powerful werewolf.


Players will need to use both forms to figure out how to free Lucas from the amulet's curse. The official blog notes that the protagonist must also "convince the city that their most respected figure is a crook, put up with a nagging, bitter ex-cop and try and stop my daughter, Ruby, from refilling the fridge with dog food."

Jolly Rover (which I quite enjoyed) was a one-man effort helmed by the studio's founder, Andrew Goulding. For MacGuffin's Curse, developer Ben Kosmina has joined team Brawsome, and the duo have been working on the new game for about a year. Goulding has reported on the Brawsome blog that the PC version is pretty much complete at this point (save for some final bug-squashing), and that he and Kosmina are currently hard at work bringing the game to iPad. The PC/Mac iteration of MacGuffin's Curse will also both include gamepad support.

Brawsome promises that each of Lucas' forms (human and werewolf) will empower the player with different abilities, and include a huge, character-driven story with nearly 100 side-quests. The developer's trademark sense of humor is already evident, and even in its pre-release state, MacGuffin's Curse has already garnered a coveted "Best Game Writing" award from Australia's Freeplay Independent Games Festival.

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