Report: Kazuo Hirai to be named Sony President

If reports prove to be accurate, Sony is set to name Kazuo Hirai as its next president. The move will see current CEO and Chairman Howard Stringer remain in his current role, minus the president moniker, but Hirai will reportedly begin taking over new duties as early as April.

Reports of the executive shuffle came earlier today from Nikkel [via The Verge]. Hirai would vacate his current position as Executive Deputy President to fill the new role. The growing PlayStation division saw Hirai's profile increase as Sony faced struggles in the television market. The promotion, according to The Verge, follows a forecast $1.2 billion loss for Sony on the year.

[Update: January 7, 2012] In response to the reports of executive changes, Sony released the following statement: "Sony Corporation has made no announcement in this regard and nothing has been determined at this time."