GTA3 retrospective addresses lingering 9/11 rumors

Influential open-world game Grand Theft Auto III is hitting its ten-year anniversary, and Rockstar is answering fan questions as part of a retrospective series. The latest batch of questions have to do with mysteries and rumors surrounding the game, especially the notion of cut content due to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

"We removed only one mission that referenced terrorists and changed a few other cosmetic details - car details, a couple of ped comments, lines of radio dialogue etc - the game came out a very short time later," the company said in the Q&A. "The biggest change was the US packaging which remixed the previous packaging into what became our signature style - because the previous packaging was, we felt, too raw after 9/11. All of the more extreme rumours are amusing but impossible to have been achieved in such a short period of time."

Some of those more extreme rumors are mentioned in questions from other fans, like replacing the twin towers into a construction site, and having the character Donald Love killed by a plane hitting his building. The game came out only 41 days after 9/11, so Rockstar maintains that anything other than superficial changes are "nonsense."

The Dodo plane, which has clipped wings, "was never meant to be flown very much at all, and it certainly wasn't grounded as a result of 9/11."

These comments echo recent ones by Rockstar's Dan Houser, which laid out the changes fairly clearly. If that didn't put the rumors to rest, it's hard to say that this Q&A will, but you never know.

The team also addressed the multiplayer menus dug up by intrepid PC gamers: "We played around with the idea of multiplayer back then but never got very far with it. At the time, we decided to make Vice City instead of dedicating a big team to multiplayer, as we did not feel it would ever really be good enough. When we finally made a multiplayer game, we wanted it to rival the fun and experience of single player, and this was something not possible until much later."