Infinity Blade series generates $30 million of earnings in one year

Simple 2D pick-up-and-play games aren't the only apps that can dominate the mobile market. Beautiful 3D Unreal Engine-powered battery-killers can also rake in the money, as Epic Games has proudly announced. The Infinity Blade franchise has generated over $30 million in earnings since its inception to the App Store one year ago.

The figure combines sales from Infinity Blade 1 and 2, and Infinity Blade: Awakening, a digital novella, the original soundtrack, and Infinity Blade FX, a coin-op arcade version of Epic's hack and slash.

Given the success of the Infinity Blade franchise, it should come as no surprise that Epic will be pursuing more projects for Apple's handhelds. Epic Games President Dr. Michael Capps said in a press release: "We have so much more in store for players, and will continue to make great content for Apple’s evolving platforms."

Unfortunately for those with other smart phones, the word "Android" was not mentioned a single time in this announcement.