The Tester Season 3 begins February 7

Ready or not, The Tester Season 3 is happening. Sony's video game-themed reality series returns for a third year, this time with a whole lot more at stake. The winner of this season's competition won't be relegated into a QA position. Instead, the winner will get a job as a Production Associate at Santa Monica Studio, $5000, a 55" 3D TV, a PS3, and a Ford Focus Titanium.

With unemployment rates still high, winning this reality series may be the best chance for 20-something year old competitors to land a job in the gaming industry. Who will win the competition? Will it be J-Tight, egoraptor, Skyd1ddy, or Ashichan?

Here are some choice quotes from some of the contestants:

"No matter how attractive people think I am... I can absolutely win this." - krystipryde

"My quality in social skills are nothing... I'm going to make everyone feel awkward in that house." - egoraptor

"I have a trophy count that makes most guys jealous." - asuukaa

We're not sure how Sony has done it, but they may have found an even more ill-adjusted group of people for the third season. The Tester Season 3 will be available to download on the PlayStation Network on February 7th. Good luck to everyone that decides to watch it.