Mineways lets you print Minecraft creations

Sure, you can create a lofty tower with working machinery to survey your land in Minecraft, but how are non-gamers supposed to appreciate it? An open-source application called Mineways will let you make a real-life model, perfect for showing to your date when she comes in for coffee.

Venture Beat reports that the Mineways process uses Shapeways, which can print out the 3D model and ship it to you. A 15.0 x 3.9 x 9.8" example cost creator Eric Haines more than $630 to print, but a smaller model like a 5-inch tall Eiffel Tower costs only $25. Mineways lets you scale your project for a budget, just in case you want a teensy, cost-effective print of your gigantic structures. If you have access to your own 3D printer, you can use Mineways to print it yourself.

Check out a demo video below.