Patents detail DVR application for Xbox

Microsoft has been taking steps to make your Xbox 360 a set-top TV box with television channel apps and more on the way. New patents have been discovered, showing the possibility of even more boob-tube functionality, as the company considers adding DVR to the system's list of bells and whistles.

A US Patent (via Kotaku) filed December 27, 2011 shows the plans:

A digital video recorder (DVR) application running alongside a television client component allows users to record media content on the gaming console. The DVR application also integrates itself with the console menu. Once integrated, users can record media content while playing games. Alternatively, users can record content when the gaming console is turned off. The recorded content can include television programming, gaming experience (whether local or online), music, DVDs, and so on. When in the recording state, users can also switch between various other media modes, whether gaming, television, and so on.

The patent identifies it as an application, similar to the apps that have added pre-selected TV content already. However, it seems more likely that this feature would be included in the next iteration of the hardware. The PlayStation 3 already carries similar functionality in Europe, though it never made the trek across the pond.

Keep in mind, patents are issued to secure concepts that sometimes don't materialize. Given Microsoft push to make their console an all-in-one entertainment box, though, it's likely to happen sooner or later.