Shadow of a Soul's first chapter of indie horror due in October

On December 20, right before the holiday break, indie developer Ferzan Kanat Aygen announced the debut title from his one-man studio Vivec Entertainment. Called Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1, the game centers on a thief named Jack who embarks on an industrial espionage mission to steal some blueprints, and finds himself haunted by strange visions and pursued by a mysterious malevolent force.

Aygen bills the game as a first-person survival horror adventure. As the title suggests, the game will consist of multiple (in this case, three) chapters. According to the developer, the first chapter--which has been in development for over a year now--tells a self-contained story, but also plants the seeds for events in the subsequent outings.

"Jack's terrifying journey will lead him to several mysterious encounters that will leave their marks on his mind as well as his flesh," notes Aygen.

If Shadow of the Soul reminds you a bit of Frictional Games' freakout hit, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, you're not alone. "In the vein of traditional adventure games," Aygen states, "players will need to solve puzzles, search for clues, and uncover the mysteries while hiding from various manifestations of ghosts."

A debut cinematic trailer for the game, called "The Room," has also been unveiled, chronicling an unnamed man's final moments of confusion and horror.

Shadow of a Soul: Chapter 1 is planned for an October 24 release on PC and Mac, and the 12-16 hour adventure will retail for $19.99. That said, a special 20%-off pre-order deal is currently available for $15.99, which will apparently get you listed as a producer in the game's credits, and access to "3 creepy ambient tracks."

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