Indie Royale bundle begins blind pre-orders

The Indie Royale New Year's bundle is now on sale for pre-orders, though you'll have to place some blind trust in the game selection for this year. The bundle itself is set to launch later this week, but pre-orders can receive a bonus chip-tunes album in exchange for their trust. The games are compatible with PC and Mac with Steam versions for most, and the bundle pre-order costs a recommended $10, or a $3.99 minimum.

The Indie Royale Bundle will start at $2.99 when it launches. Right now, we have only descriptions of the included games: an FPS/RTS hybrid, a single-player puzzle game, an award-winning 2D platformer, and a "world premiere" on PC and Mac for an arcade shooter with a twist. If you can guess based on those vague descriptions, congratulations.

The George & Jonathan album Beautiful Lifestyle is a bonus for pre-orders, and anyone who plays more than the minimum price once the bundle launches.