Weekend Confirmed 93 - Year end special

By Garnett Lee, Dec 30, 2011 11:00am PST

Weekend Confirmed wraps up 2011 and rings in 2012 with a New Year's special. Andrea Rene of Clevver Games and Ariel Angelotti join Xav, Jeff, and Garnett for a recap of the many games that became somewhat hidden gems in the shadow of the heavyweights. It's filled with titles like Bulletstorm, Alice: Madness Returns, LA Noire, and infamous 2. Of course, the big games get their due as well, and the group discusses the biggest stories of the year like the hacker attack that took the PlayStation Network offline for weeks and the launch of Nintendo's newest handheld, the 3DS. And we couldn't resist topping it all off with a few thoughts on what may lay ahead in 2012.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 93: 12/30/2011

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  • My game of year was Batman Arkham City, I didn't get Skyrim until Christmas and I haven't put enough time into to really have an opinion of it yet. I would say that my close second is a tie between Forza 4 and Assassin's Creed Revelations. I enjoyed Portal 2 but it wasn't as grabbing as I would have liked for some reason. Though I did have some great moments when I would solve a particularly difficult puzzle I felt awesome, but overall I had to force myself to get back to it and finish it. Ending was great though. As for 2012 I predict that should GTA V release in 2012 it will be Game of the Year, if not then Mass Effect 3 will probably be my game of the year. I have a question for the Weekend Confirmed Crew, what if at E3 Microsoft announces their next console and gives it a 2013 release like a lot of media types think is highly likely? Does Rockstar hold GTA V for the next system? OR do they release it on the 360 and PS3 if it doesn't come out until 2013? Or does Rockstar try to release on all three systems? Granted if GTA V comes out in 2012 then this would be more than likely a non issue, but if it comes out in 2013 which is likely (though I have hopes it releases in 2012 hence my game of the year selection) what do you guys think Rockstar does with what would clearly be a system seller and would give Microsoft a huge advantage of Nintendo and Sony? Just an idea that could lead to some interesting theories. Thanks for a great year, I throughly have enjoyed your podcast as I listen to it on my way to work and home from work each Monday. Keep up the great work, and how does Andrea Rene not have a bf? She is gorgeous and a riot on the podcasts. Well happy new year Weekend Confirmed. ^_^

  • My most underrated games of this year: Track Mania 2 and Pokemon Black/White.

    As some of you might know, I'm not a big fan of online competitive multiplayer, but there's something about the way Track Mania lets you play against other racers but also nerfs the competitive aspect by giving you essentially 6 minutes to run as many time trials as you can, it's just really easy going, and fun, almost like asynchronous multiplayer that just happens to be in realtime.

    That said, I completely understand why no game journalists other than Jeff Gerstmann picked up on this game. It is kind of a weird, hard to explain game.

    As for Pokemon, at this point, if you're waiting for a complete overhaul of the mechanics, then this just isn't a game for you anymore. For my money, what iterative improvements they've made to Black/White have made what I would honestly call the best Pokemon game I've yet played. I was ready to call it quits after Soul Silver, but between letting me use TMs as often as I wanted, locking out all the classic monsters until the post-game, 2 on 2 random encounters, faster battle animations, re-balancing the exp distribution, EV buffing feathers, and even little touches like moving the store into the Pokecentre, it all made me excited to keep on catching them all, and also excited for whatever game comes next.

    for a series I initially got into with the mindset of "meh, this'll kill time." Black/White has solidified Pokemon as my current favourite Nintendo franchise.

    Also, props to the 3D Pokedex app, which I initially thought was the goddamned stupidest, laziest freebie imaginable... until I tried it and realized it has all the evolution charts! The damn thing got me playing the game for another 20-30 hours.

  • The most underrated game: TF2. I guess you can forgive journalists for saying 'this thing is still around?', but to my mind it (and maybe League of Legends) is the most important story of the year.

    The economy they've created is amazing. It ropes in community people to make content and then shares a portion of the profits from the store with them. The maps are free, the community is relatively polite and most servers have an admin on to keep things running smoothly.

    It's currently the best multiplayer action game on any platform. I'm never going to invest my time into CoD again when I know all my items and perks and 15$ map packs are going to turn into pumpkins when the next iteration comes out. Valve has figured out a new way forward, and it's much better than the current status quo.

  • Happy new year WC.

    Thanks for putting so much effort into a free show that brings happiness to my week.

    Garnett: Thanks for begin the best podcaster in videogamedom, I have a man crush on you.

    Jeff: I love your sense of childlike wonder that has somehow survived the crushing realities of adulthood.

    Xav: You're the one cast member with whom my gaming tastes line up with the most.

    Andrea: Thank you for getting drunk that one episode. That was beyond hilarious, please do it again more often.

    Christian: Thank you for apologizing for Stanky Dick. That song traumatized me.

    And thank you to the other assorted cast and behind the scenes crew that brings Weekend Confirmed to my ears.

  • infamous 2....

    The show has mentioned it a couple of times and everyone says how they wish it hadn't been released during E3 because they sure wanted to play it. I wasn't at E3. I played it. There are flaws, but it may be great.

    2 things stood out to me.

    1) Between Infamous 1 and 2, I think we get one of the best male relationship arcs in video games. Calling it a buddy-comedy or bro-mance is too shallow, it is a modernized, more equitable version of the Don Quixote/ Sancho Panza dynamic. Zeke and Cole have a friendship that is deep and multifaceted. There's comedy, betrayal, pettiness, and an abiding friendship that is challenged and deepened by the introduction of Cole's super powers. Its a large driver of the story and, to me, seems more genuine than any other friendship I've seen in games. It's the human drama that grounds the super hero story we play.

    2) Incredible traversal mechanics. You get a great sense of gravity and physicality in the human-based components of Cole's movements across the city. There is a lot of what Cole does that a super-fit version of the player could do, if we were fearless. Its obvious the developers spent time polishing that, and makes the crafted application of superpowers to movement obvious and intuitive. It doesn't hurt that Cole's superpowers stem from a very specific niche and that they become stronger through logical and deeper applications of the manipulation of electromagnetism

    I know that people don't like the dichotomy of the morality system. I played good all the way through and got halfway through bad. The choices you make distinctly impact the tactical choices you make and create vastly different gameplay experiences, I found both rewarding.

    The show has talked about how morality in games hasn't been perfectly implemented and I agree. But, I like it when a game has both consequences and rewards for your careless killing of civilians and rewards you for either slaughtering or behaving humanely to your enemies. Beyond the good/bad dialectic of the story-driven choices, the game play lets you live (and rewards you for consistently action out) your own morality. The morality system developed over 1 to 2, I hope we get to see how they progress it in a 3. (there is a very satisfying moment at the end of the game that I don't want to spoil)

    I think these games work as interesting meditation on the consequences of superheroes to a human society, how friendship can build and mutually re-enforce humanity, and the rewards and consequences of leading a dutiful life.

    Not to be a shill, but it looks like its available through your game flap, give it a try.

  • For the record, Mortal Kombat doesn't get the love it 'deserves' because for the majority of its time on the market, it's online matchmaking and lobbies have been broken.

    As in, they don't work.

    And every time NetherRealm released DLC, they BROKE AGAIN.

    I'm lucky to have a circle of friends that gets together, in person, to drink beers and pass around the control sticks for fighters like SF4, MvC3, VF5, WWE All-Stars, Soul Cali 4 and MK9, but most people rely on online play to match up with other players.

    MK didn't work, so gamers moved on.