60beat iOS gamepad offers dual analog sticks, plugs into headphone jack

Games on iOS devices are taking a sizable chunk of the handheld market, but designers are faced with making them touch controlled or relying on virtual sticks and buttons. Many of us raised on physical sticks find these pretty imprecise, so it only makes sense that a few third-party manufacturers are making controllers to fit the device.

The latest comes from 60beat, which promises all the standard gamepad buttons, no batteries necessary -- and so far, a very small pool of supported games.

The company site (via Joystiq) gives word that the device works on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, and connects with a headphone jack. It features dual analog sticks, 10 buttons with shoulder buttons and in-joystick buttons, and apparently the power source comes from the headphone plug. It also packages an audio splitter, presumably so that plugging the gamepad in doesn't silence the audio entirely.

The pad only supports Bugdom 2 and Aftermath, though, so you won't be able to play the iOS versions of Sonic or Mega Man the way they were meant to be played on the device. At least, not yet -- as with all accessories, expanded support could come later. Check out the video below.