Meet Wascot, Super Monday Night Combat's obsessed fan turned fighter

By Xav de Matos, Dec 28, 2011 1:00pm PST

Super Monday Night Combat is currently in beta, but that doesn't mean developer Uber Entertainment is hiding the stars of the free-to-play title. We've already detailed the intricate (and crazy) bios of SMNC's Karl the Renaissance Robot, the award-winning gorilla actor-clone Sir Cheston, and the mer-eel-raised superhero Captain Space.

During our final day of character reveals, Shacknews introduces players to Wascot--a 33-year-old dishwasher from North Rhode Island who is obsessed with Monday Night Combat's mascot Bullseye.

There are fans and then there's Frank Deerfold, otherwise known as Wascot. The 33-year-old dishwasher had dedicated his life to following the Monday Night Combat scene, obsessed with everything that revolves the sport--but mostly, the mascot Bullseye.

"Frank turned the bedroom in his mother's house where he slept into a shrine, plastering thousands of images over the walls, ceiling- even the floor," his bio reveals, showcasing his fondness for the sport.

Listening to over first 17,000 episodes of the Monday Night Combat post-game radio show, Frank spent the last hour of each episode on the phone, hoping to speak with his hero Bullseye. One day, by chance (and possibly fate) his call went through. Bullseye, however, accidentally disconnected the call. This, as you might expect, sent Frank into a frenzy...and Wascot was born.

"He lay in bed for weeks, staring at the images of Bullseye covering every square inch of his squalid room while in a catatonic state, replaying the phone call in his mind over and over again." It was this slight that turned his life around and into a "new and terrible direction."

Frank Deerborn, a.k.a. Wascot

      Pro Career

    • Has killed Bullseye over 1,067 times (includes six incidents outside of sanctioned matches).

    • Does his patented "Bullseye dance" at the end of each game, hoping to catch Bullseye's attention.

    • Holds the record for most kills in a game by a rookie (all Bullseye inflicted).


      • "Close, personal friends" with Bullseye, his "soulmate".

      • Not allowed to come within 100 feet of Bullseye.

      • Founded the “Bullseye Foundation”, a non-profit organization that gives grants to youth-oriented programs on behalf of Bullseye (note: Bullseye is not affiliated with the Bullseye Foundation).

        DNA shared

        Marilyn Deerford & unidentified musician


          Bullseye, breaking and entering Bullseye’s apartment, sleeping in his car near Bullseye’s apartment


            Bullseye, mood stabilizers

              Shoots Bullseye: Anger, then despair -- "How do you like me, now, Bullseye! Huh? How do you like me now? Oh my God! What have I done?"

                Kills opponent: Ecstatic -- "That was for you, Bullseye! Everything's for you!"

                  Taunt: Desperate -- "I love you Bullseye! I know you love me, too! Someday, we'll be together!"

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