Final Fantasy XI lawsuit dismissed

A class-action lawsuit filed against Square Enix back in 2009, complaining about Final Fantasy XI, has been dismissed by a US court. It was accused of "deceptive advertising, unfair advertising, and fraudulent concealment to conceal certain critical information about their online games."

The suit [PDF link], filed in June 2009, sought over $5 million in damages. It claimed that Square Enix deliberately concealed information concerning monthly fees, "licensing of the online game software disguised as a sale," "termination of the right to use the online game for late payment of the fees," and other things one expects from an MMORPG.

It was light on actual evidence backing up these claims, or even explaining what exactly they were upset with, so it's almost surprising this took so long to turf out. The suit was finally dismissed--with prejudice, no less--on December 20, Gamasutra spotted.

This wasn't the only legal upset Square Enix caused with Final Fantasy XI, mind. In 2008, the Illinois General Assembly passed legislation trying to force MMO developers to have a way to cancel subscriptions online, inspired by complaints from the father of a FFXI player.