Twisted Metal Black free with new Twisted Metal

The new Twisted Metal comes with something old. First-print editions of Twisted Metal will be upgraded to a "Limited Edition" that comes with a voucher for a free download of the original Twisted Metal Black for PS2.

"Black was the first title where we really started going into the darker world of Twisted Metal," director David Jaffe said, explaining the decision to include the classic as a promo item. "It's kind of a look-back to allow you to see where all that began."

"This is not the online version," Jaffe notes on the PlayStation.Blog, suggesting this will be a PS2 classics re-release, and not an HD remaster.

Jaffe previously noted that he objected to the inclusion of online passes. Hopefully, this additional DLC bonus is the only voucher that comes with the game.

The new Twisted Metal will be available on Valentine's Day.