Meet Captain Spark, Super Monday Night Combat's mer-eel-raised superhero

Super Monday Night Combat is currently in beta, giving some players a chance to get to know the game's cast of characters. For those without access, developer Uber Entertainment and Shacknews have teamed up to introduce gamers to the free-to-play title's combatants. We've already met Karl the Renaissance Robot and the award-winning gorilla actor-clone, Sir Cheston. Today, we meet Captain Spark--a superhero raised by mer-eels, after his parents met an untimely demise at the bottom of the ocean.

Captain Spark (click to open gallery)

"Captain Spark was raised from the age of six inside the pressurized oxygen bubble of an undersea volcano by hyper-intelligent electric mer-eels, after his parents, both scientists, crashed into the floor of the ocean while exploring in their submersible," the character's official biography reveals. Using his body's "natural electric flow" and becoming a master of the "Eel-Kazara-Hazee" martial arts, Captain Spark combats evil in the sea. His life hasn't been all roses and algae, however, as the evil Sinister 9--"a freewill computer brain that runs modern civilization for the 'gas breathers' on Earth's surface"--forced him to take the mantle of avenging his adopted home after killing Spark's mentor. His secret identity is that of a surface-living Formula One test driver named Shock Johnson. "He is also forced to 'ride the brakes' on his relationship with Zena Foster, a Minoan snake goddess and lingerie model, in order to focus on his sworn mission." "Shock Johnson by day, Captain Spark by night, our hero harnesses the power of electricity to fight the totalitarian rule imposed by the forces of automation and imparts critical safety know-how regarding downed power lines to elementary school-aged children the world over." BOOM video 10275
Shock Johnson, a.k.a. Captain Spark official bio details:
      Pro Career
    • Holds the record for the longest consecutive streak of not having to take a bathroom break during a game.
    • Won a gold medal with Team IndoChina at the 3043 Battlelympics
    • Oldest player to win the MNC freestyle Bullseye kill competition at the All-Star game (57 years, 123 days).
      • Can “talk” to things like electrical transformers, car batteries and small electrical appliances.
      • Away from the field of combat: is constantly escaping from supposedly inescapable situations or defeating seemingly invincible villains by opening an “ion channel”.
      • Is quite possibly just the imagination of Karl Lutz, retired autoworker from Pritchford, Alabama who was reportedly placed on psychiatric leave after showing up dressed as his “alter-ego”, Captain Spark, in order to fight crime at the auto plant where he worked for twenty-seven years.
        DNA shared Doctors Carol and Laszlo Murray, several knife fish from class “Electrophorus”.
          Likes Under-sea domes, man’s free will, insulated footwear
            Dislikes Humankind’s reliance on artificial intelligence, unagi, hot air balloon festivals
              Kills opponent: Smiling -- Says: "Shocking...isnt’ it?" Taunt: Superhero-like he’s reading a PSA. -- "Never trust your fuse box- carry a voltmeter with you at all times!" Bot call out: Urgent Robots! -- "They must have been sent here by my archenemy, Dielectric Lad!"
              Check in tomorrow for another witty (and crazy) Super Monday Night Combat character biography. For more on Super Monday Night Combat, check out the official Uber Entertainment website.