Weekend Confirmed 92 - Holiday Special

By Garnett Lee, Dec 23, 2011 11:00am PST

Join us as for our Weekend Confirmed holiday special as we head into this long weekend. Insomniac's James Stevenson and game developer Ariel Angelotti join Xav, Jeff, and Garnett for the festivities. Many of you shared stories of your videogame memories from the season which we enjoy retelling with you throughout the show. We also get to talk about some of the games we've been playing like Alan Wake American Nightmare and Star Wars the Old Republic. There's even a little news as we check in on the release of the PlayStation Vita in Japan and the big Steam sale's contest that will see one lucky gamer win the entire catalog on the service. We even remember to get in finishing moves and our end of the season football tailgate.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 92: 12/23/2011

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  • Yeah what total BS conversation woman aren't represented well in games. What unhappy because every game doesn't feature a woman as the main character? That's what it sounds like. As for woman in games yeah right they have great parts in almost every game name some that they don't, where men are represented well. Here's a good list of positive.

    Mirrors edge
    Final fantasy 6,7,10, and 13 have woman and strong woman as the main leads
    Halo woman get a complex cortana men get me go shoot stuff guy!
    Street fighter/ Soul caliber/ dead or alive
    And many others like I said if a male character is represented well in a game they're is almost alway a female counterpart so get real.

    Woman can't play games online "Waaaaaa!" you mean the games that everyone gets harrassed in. What about WoW, or burn out, or street fighter, or castle crashers, or any game that's co-op. Whatever.

    It sounds more like woman get harrassed more by they're own gender for playing games, than they do by guy gamers. So take care of your own business first and foremost.

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      • Probably my favorite quote regarding Bayonetta came from Jeff Gerstmann last year: "That game is equal opportunity in its insanity; It's not that it doesn't get women; it's that it doesn't get HUMANITY! And it's not trying to!"

        Also, any accusations of "male gaze" need to be tempered by this: the character designer who designed Bayonetta was a woman, Mari Shimazaki, who also designed Okami: http://platinumgames.com/2009/04/17/designing-bayonetta/

        I say "tempered", because Shimazaki seems to have a thing for making outlandishly sexy costumes. She's recently gone freelance, and designed the alternate costumes for Ivy and Tira in Soulcalibur V: http://www.siliconera.com/2011/11/22/mari-shimazaki-bayonettas-character-designer-created-costumes-for-ivy-and-tira/ (probably mildly "not work safe" screenshots from the game).

        All that said, I'm really happy I played through Bayonetta, not just for the zany style and the intentionally over-the-top sensuality, but for some of the unique combat experiences that are delivered in probably one of the crispest third-person beat-em-up control systems. Seriously, name another game where the main character would be figure skating while swinging around tonfa that shoot rockets, and then switching over to a magical bullwhip, then going back to destroying angels with giant hair fists and heels... WHAT?!

        In general, I would like to see more action games with female protagonists; even shooters. The first time I played through a game with a female protagonist was Aquaria, and that was a very fun experience. I think that AAA developers are too afraid to go for a female protagonist without succumbing to the usual tropes (fanservice, damsel in distress, tomboy / butch, etc.), but I think it's possible to see a shooter with a competent female lead. I think of Lieutenant Mira from Warhammer 40K: Space Marine; that demeanor would be perfect for a female lead in a Call of Duty style shooter in an alternate future where women lead infantries into combat.