BioWare considered MMOs of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones

Are you enjoying your time in Star Wars: The Old Republic, or waiting in line as the case may be? Apparently you could have been waiting in line to enter Gondor or Westeros, among a handful of other worlds BioWare considered MMO-ifying.

"We had backup plans," game director James Ohlen told PC Gamer. "In all the design team was like three of us at that point, in total. So we were looking at doing a Lord of the Rings MMO, a Silmarillion MMO, a kind of a Gunslinger-esque Dark Tower MMO, a Game of Thrones MMO." Negotiations with LucasArts were long, and the team spent off-time looking into the other series for inspiration.

Star Wars won out for BioWare, and Lucasarts came back with an agreeable deal. The appeal of the franchise for BioWare was its reams of existing canon, the ability to make various kinds of heroes, and the in-born duality of the world's morality. Of course, the massive fan-base didn't hurt. "When you ask our fans 'what kind of MMO would you like us to build' they almost always say 'how about Knights of the Old Republic masssively multiplayer game?'"

And then they made it. Star Wars: The Old Republic is available now. Meanwhile, an RPG modeled after A Game of Thrones is in the works from Cyanide.