FIFA Street offers Messi as pre-order perk

EA Sports would like you to give it money for the new FIFA Street long before the game launches, the lunatics! But wait, it's not all take-take-take. You will actually get something in return, bonus content in the form of a football super-team starring professional ball-kicking man Lionel Messi.

Pre-orderers will get to play as an "all-star team" packing Messi and "12 of the greatest players in the world." You also score exclusive access to the 'Lionel Messi Barcelona' venue, a street pitch set in Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya.

Messi, you see, recently signed an endorsement contract that'll see him lending his face, name, social media presence, and approval to EA Sports products in exchange from money. This includes having his photo on the FIFA Street box.

FIFA Street is dribbling onto Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in March 2012.