King of Fighters XIII patch to improve online play

Wonky online play can ruin one of life's simplest pleasures--punching people in the face--so SNK Playmore is working to improve online offerings in The King of Fighters XIII with an upcoming patch. On top of fixing "a number of rare glitches," the patch will help resolve laggy multiplayer by improving connection evaluations.

"The patch will seek to make the game's network infrastructure more consistent for users, ensuring that the evaluation given connections is more accurate to the actual play experience," SNK Playmore and publisher Atlus explained.

"Moreover, the patch will introduce ranked host-side filtering, eliminating the frustration of match hosts unable to avoid matches with players with poor connections."

A release date hasn't been set yet, but Atlus says SNK "is making every effort to release the patch as soon as possible."

Atlus also sends word that the next DLC character, NESTS Kyo, has been delayed on PlayStation 3. He'll still hit Xbox 360 today, as planned, but won't arrive on PS3 until January 10. By way of apology, Atlus will cut the price on PS3 to $2.99 "for a limited time" after it launches.