Alan Wake's American Nightmare survival mode detailed

Remedy Entertainment casually mentioned last week that it was brewing a survival mode for Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and now has lifted the lid on the pot to reveal a little more of 'Fight till Dawn' mode. The Finnish developer has also dropped an extended cut of the announcement trailer, now packing Fight till Dawn footage.

Poor old Alan Wake will face "a full night" of enemy waves baying for his blood, with only scattered safe havens and unlockable weapons for comfort. Alan's arsenal ranges, Remedy says, "from old stalwarts like the flare gun to wild new favorites like the nail gun and old school Remedy favorites like the Uzi." Max Payne would be pleased.

As well as, you know, not dying, Alan will be trying to rack up mega-points to place high on the online leaderboards. Take it from me: the life of a writer is never easy.

Alan Wake's Extended Nightmare is slated to launch on Xbox Live Arcade in the first quarter of 2012, around the same time as the long-awaited PC edition of the original Alan Wake.

Catch a few peeks of Fight till Dawn in the extended announcement trailer:

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