Rumor: Battlefield 2143 teased

DICE may be dropping hints of a new project in its recently released Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand downloadable content. A number stamped on the side of a building in the "Wake Island" map suggests that a sequel to Battlefield 2142 is on the way.

"2143" has been plastered on the wall of the map, which would be one heck of a coincidence. BF3 Blog points out that this is similar to when DICE used Battlefield 2 map packs to drop hints of 2142 before it was announced. If history is repeating itself, this could be a tease for an impending sequel.

Then again, it could've been put there as a larf. "We love our fans attention to detail and hunger for more Battlefield but there is no news on this front," an EA representative told us, before cheekily adding "isn’t there some big MMO coming out this week?"

[Image courtesy of BF3 Blog.]