Weekend Confirmed 91 - Metal Gear Rising, Last of Us, Syndicate

By Garnett Lee, Dec 16, 2011 11:00am PST

The flurry of new game trailers unleashed during the VGAs last week leads the conversation on Weekend Confirmed this week. Shacknews' own New York-based editor Andrew Yoon joins Xav, Jeff, and Garnett to wade through them, starting with Metal Gear Rising, and moving on through Last of Us, Fortnite, and Mass Effect 3. Andrew recently attended a Sony event back in New York and shares impressions from playing Syndicate, Journey, and Lumines. Listener Shadow13th called out Jeff for using saves to control his fate in role playing games and the group picks up the subject of the min/max approach to gaming and how it exposes the mechanics potentially to the detriment of immersion. There's still more too, with a quick look at November's NPD sales numbers, Trine 2, and Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 91: 12/16/2011

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  • I'm still listening to the podcast now, but I paused it to bring up a point about Naughty Dog's new ip "The Last Of Us". I can entirely understand Jeff's lament over the, "lack of originality" and ideas with this. I had the exact same feeling. This feeling was abated a bit by the inclusion of Ellen Page, but thats neither here nor there. I began to really think about this, about why so many Zombie games are coming out and I think I've come up with a point of view could, at the very least, defend the developers in some way.

    In our current culture, zombies have developed to the point where they are almost their own genre, everything can have zombies. This goes for movies, music videos, comics, and games. I think what we are seeing in the gaming industry specifically is the convergence of incentives. I feel very strongly that every game developer out there has some idea and/or desire to make game that has a zombie-esque element to it. It has an appeal, and more importantly, I think most of them feel that their way of doing it is better. This, normally back burner idea, has converged with the publishers realizing that zombies sell. Zombies are a hot ticket item. I think its rather akin to the FPS crazy of 10+ years ago, where every study was making FPSs because the publishers knew that would sell.

    When you combine these two forces, you are only left with a plethora of zombie games, but what is worth pointing out is that the underlying mechanics and play structures vary wildly from game to game. Playing Dead Island followed by Nazi Zombies followed by Left4Dead2 followed by [INSERT ZOMBIE GAME OF YOUR CHOICE HERE] will leave you with distinct experiences.

    So, I may not personally enjoy or be excited about the mindless horde of zombie games that stammer and stumble there way out of game studios, but I can understand their motive. Lets just hope we are reaching the end of this cycle and most game developers haven't gotten that itch out of their system.

    (I'm off to listen to the rest of the podcast and now I'm going to hope noone else brought up this idea)