Weekend Confirmed 91 - Metal Gear Rising, Last of Us, Syndicate

By Garnett Lee, Dec 16, 2011 11:00am PST

The flurry of new game trailers unleashed during the VGAs last week leads the conversation on Weekend Confirmed this week. Shacknews' own New York-based editor Andrew Yoon joins Xav, Jeff, and Garnett to wade through them, starting with Metal Gear Rising, and moving on through Last of Us, Fortnite, and Mass Effect 3. Andrew recently attended a Sony event back in New York and shares impressions from playing Syndicate, Journey, and Lumines. Listener Shadow13th called out Jeff for using saves to control his fate in role playing games and the group picks up the subject of the min/max approach to gaming and how it exposes the mechanics potentially to the detriment of immersion. There's still more too, with a quick look at November's NPD sales numbers, Trine 2, and Finishing Moves.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 91: 12/16/2011

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  • Your conversations about the downloadable/smaller games over the last couple of weeks have been rather interesting but it seems odd that you seem to be placing the blame on the platform holders (PSN/XBLA). It is not uncommon to hear you guys reference a developer ‘putting a game out to die’ by not promoting enough or releasing at a poor time so why is this blame placed further on the platform when titles fail to gain traction? Out of curiosity, how often do developers reach out to you guys (gaming sites) in attempt to give you early access or encourage coverage of an upcoming downloadable title? For all the flack the Xbox is taking for its new, ad heavy dashboard maybe they could earn some forgiveness if they use some of those ad tiles to offer affordable advertising space to XBLA titles or *gasp* even indie devs. Love the show, keep on keepin on.

    (also, heard the pixel junk monsters argument again and after playing a few hours of this game I have to say it still feels like just another poorly performing flash game)
    RE - all the trailer discussions: a lot of assumptions being made based on a 2 minute clip that is only created to try and get people excited while keeping them guessing, might want to reserve a bit of judgement until we know more about some of those games.

  • On the Skyrim is broken on the PS3 causes Skyrim not to be GOTY (for some people) point - here is last years list of GOTY nominees: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Halo: Reach, Civilization V, Mass Effect 2, God of War III, Alan Wake, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Heavy Rain, Red Dead Redemption (Red Dead won)

    There were an awful lot of exclusives - if Skyrim is possibly broken on one platform is that any worse than the fact that huge number of exclusives were on this list. In fact everything except Red Dead and Mass Effect 2 were exclusives (I think) ... if you start tossing out games because single platform problems maybe exclusives should automatically not be be considered. I am not yet playing Skyrim, but I will so I cannot speak to its GOTYness. Oh am sorry for the guy whose having trouble with Skyrim; I feel your pain since I play most of my games on the PC and its always a crapshoot but you just never know.

  • Alright I'm just gonna go ahead and say it Starwars is AWESOME!!! The whole every line of dialogue is spoken really makes a huge difference. And I must say the bounty hunter is so cool. Nailing the non Jedi/sith classes is so key, and I must say I really can't wait to get to play as some of the friend units. Ala a droid class, or some of those monster big guys.

    Which brings me to how awesome companion's are to have. And being able to send companions to sell items and quest needs to permeate through all games. Take it even further no more need for any shops just allow me to buy and sell stuff from a pause menu or my companion.

  • Quick comment on the Revengence topic. I know you guys were "mostly" positive on the idea of it, but I do want to take a second to defend P+ and the name. Platinum has continuously shown that they have a firm grasp on the Western/Eastern gap that exists in the industry. Though the subject matter tends to skew wacky and that puts off some people before they try the games; once people actually play them, they're instantly converted. Silly, irreverent, passionate, but most of all FUN, P+ is the perfect choice to take over the flailing Metal Gear Solid property.

    The gaming landscape would be worse for wear if not for the efforts of Japanese Developers like Mizuguchi, Suda, Ueda, and Kamiya who reach a global appeal without having to pander to a specific nationality or gamer demographic.

  • I don't remember the Unreal engine being "the brown engine"; then again, all of my memories of the Unreal engine are from original Unreal, UT99, and UT2003 / UT2004. Those titles would explore blues, reds, and greens, as well as brown here and there.

    Unreal Engine 3, though... plenty of gray and brown in the Gears series. In that respect, Fortnite is a little refreshing, though I was immediately dismayed at what seemed like a "Minecraft meets DOTA meets Team Fortress 2 meets horde mode" trailer. I think back to playing the first Unreal, and the vast majority of my enjoyment of that game was not in the shooting mechanics (those felt inferior to Quake 2 and Quake 1, with the mouselag and the ultra-balanced MP-esque weapon damage in single-player), but in the exploration of the world, in one of the first FPS games to not have a 256-color-locked texture palette (you could play Quake 2 in OpenGL, but its native textures were still restricted to a palette; Unreal used 256-color textures for each individual texture image, but over a full 24-bit renderer). It was also one of the first FPS game that explored large environments, and had a soundtrack that wasn't MIDI or short CD tracks looping forever. I'm disappointed that instead of reaching for that kind of experience again, Epic's building a Minecraft / DOTA clone.

  • I'm glad you guys finally addressed the lack of coverage that Wii Ware and eShop games are getting, as it has been a source of frustration for me. I'm willing to bet I've heard more about board games on Weekend Confirmed than both of those services combined. It's true that there's a lot of garbage on Wii Ware but there are a lot of gems too and they simply don't get talked about.

    I'd like to place the blame on the gaming media's overall lack of enthusiasm for all things Nintendo, but that's only part of it. NOA has done absolutely nothing to hype up these games. It'd be nice if they had sales once and awhile (or at all, in fact) but somehow I think these games would still get ignored. Do any of you plan to cash in Club Nintendo coins to get Fluidity, 3D Classics Xevious or Mario vs Donkey Kong Minis March Again?

    I'm guessing you don't even bother with Club Nintendo.

    On another note, I didn't fast forward past the music break for once. Good job!

  • Why would anyone want to play a shooter without strategy, Jeff? Because shooting things is pretty damn fun for some people, myself included.

    I respect Jeff a lot, and perhaps I'm exaggerating, but here lately it seems he's a repeat offender of making "I don't get why people don't share MY opinion!" statements. See "I don't get why people like multiplayer" a few weeks back. We're all different, sir.

    On a lighter note, totally with Jeff on The Last of Us trailer. Couldn't care a morsel less about yet another zombie game. Some people are saying "It's Naughty Dog, so it will be great, and elevate the genre!", but I'm of the group saying "Why would Naughty Dog lower themselves to this?". I really hope to be proven wrong.

  • About talk of next gen consoles, I think the whole notion of "R&D" for hardware is pretty much going to become anachronistic---at least as far as CPUs and GPUs go. The clear future for all none PC platforms is the user experience itself. If you want to think about what a PS4 and next Xbox will be, the question is how will we interact with our TVs differently in general in 5 years time?

    The same goes for questions about the Vita, and what will become of portable gaming. The portable market in general has become so disruptive that for gaming journalists to make "dedicated gaming handheld" into some kind of albatross is ridiculously arbitrary. The iphone is finding success BY introducing video games to new audiences, so why would you look at something like the Vita and say "psh, that plays games. No way is it going to sell!"

    That's not to say Vita will be a run away success, but the point is that we don't know what will distinguish the ultimate portable device yet. I firmly believe that smart phones are as they are now are not that end game, and that's why we're seeing Amazon sell 1 million Kindle Fires PER WEEK.

  • Man can developers read something other than The Road? like I dunno like another apocalyptic book like ELEGY BEACH, The Last man, or hell The Forever war could make an amazing game setting in talented hands (no doubt there may be a game based on the Ridely Scott film that's in development hell).

    of course I'm probably the only person who wasn't very impressed by The Road.

    random thought: did that game Inversion come out yet? because if it hasn't they should add a grappling hook to the game thus the Inception/Bionic Commando lovechild of my dreams could come to fruition