Hideo Kojima's next game gets screenshot

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima is working on a new game, which may or may not be Metal Gear Solid 5. While little is known about his upcoming game, we do know one thing: it is running on the multi-platform FOX Engine. The developer went on Twitter and uploaded one new screenshot of a prototype of his new game, and the military environment certainly has us thinking "MGS." However, the second image provided by Kojima is a bit more puzzling. This image of two girls standing side by side certainly contrasts the military theme of the first quite significantly. So, what's going on?

See-through clothing

Kojima's Twitter (via Andriasang) says that one of the selling points of the FOX Engine is the ability to "make out the bras on the characters." Whether or not Kojima is joking is unclear... but we suppose it is certainly a unique feature of the engine.