Square Enix says personal info 'not accessed' in breach

Although the Square Enix Members website was breached a few days ago, the publisher behind Final Fantasy and Deus Ex is claiming that no personal information has been compromised. "Based on our investigation, we have found no evidence at this point that any personal information was accessed," the publisher sent in an e-mail to affected members.

Square Enix described the incident as "a limited server intrusion," and noted that "user login credentials and credit card information are not stored on the affected server."

A further update provided on the Square Enix corporate website notes that Square Enix's ongoing investigation cheekily notes that "we have not found evidence that the individual was able to access any personal information at all."

This should be good news for the 1 million+ members of Square Enix's loyalty site. It appears that we won't have to change our passwords again. Good, because we were getting attached to password123.