Star Wars: The Old Republic has 'grace period' for pre-orders

Shipping times can be unpredictable in the run-up to Christmas but if you've pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic, don't fret too much about receiving it on launch day. There'll be a "grace period" for players who've signed up for early access, giving two days to receive your copy and enter the registration code.

If you don't have your copy of The Old Republic in your sweaty palms come December 20, when it launches, you'll be able to play just fine, BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk explained in a joint statement. After 12:01am EST on December 22, you'll need your product registration code and a valid payment method to continue playing.

"We understand that for some, your copy of the game may still arrive on or after December 22nd. Unfortunately, we cannot extend the grace period any further," Zeschuk and Muzyka said.

If you use the grace time, your billing will begin from whenever you enter the registration code, so it doesn't eat into the included 30 days of game time.

BioWare is continuing to send early access invites out in waves, lest the servers be overwhelmed. As of Thursday, everyone who signed up for the early access program before "early December" has been invited. Senior online community manager Stephen Reid has explained the rollout has hit a big spike of signups, which is why many who redeemed their pre-order codes recently have yet to get in.