Alan Wake's American Nightmare includes Horde-like mode

Alan Wake's American Nightmare will include a new arcade mode called Fight 'til Dawn. The new mode is one step that Remedy is taking to make this XBLA sequel more action-oriented and faster-paced than the first game, and is said to bear a resemblance to "Horde Mode" from the Gears series.

"One of the things about Alan Wake is that people loved the story, the setting and the theme but people wanted more in-your-face action," Remedy VP Aki Järvilehto told Eurogamer, "people wanted more variation, different types of enemies and different types of weapon. [American Nightmare is] more faster-paced, and more action-orientated," said Aki, "I think people expect that from an XBLA game."

The game was revealed at the Spike TV VGAs this past weekend, and has since been announced for Q1 2012. We'll have a preview coming soon.