CD Projekt Red suing Witcher 2 pirates

Developer CD Projekt Red is taking legal action against alleged pirates of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. A report states that lawyers representing the company are claiming 911.80 euros (roughly $1,187) from users who have downloaded the game using torrents.

In a statement, the company rejects DRM as "a pain for legal gamers," but says that "shouldn't be confused with us giving a green light to piracy."

TorrentFreak reported on the legal action last week, and claimed that CD Projekt could be wrongfully accusing some users since the action is based on IP addresses. The company has since confirmed the suit to Gamasutra and issued a statement. While CD Projekt Red didn't confirm the monetary figure, it did talk about its reasoning behind the action.

"We will never approve of it, since it doesn't only affect us but has a negative impact on the whole game industry," the statement continues. "We've seen some of the concern online about our efforts to thwart piracy, and we can assure you that we only take legal actions against users who we are 100 percent sure have downloaded our game illegally."