Team Fortress 2 celebrating Australian Christmas tomorrow

As you may well know, December 18 is Australian Christmas, when all the little children down under are visited by Old Nick, hoping he doesn't steal them away to work in his toy factory. Nightmare-maker Valve's annual celebration begins on Thursday in Team Fortress 2, with this year's update bringing a new map, treats from Dr. Grordbort, and more exciting and terrible things.

The new Control Point map is the industrial Foundry, which comes complete with twelve-map specific achievements. Unlocking any seven of these will earn you a thoroughly steampunk top hat.

Raygun maker Dr. Grordbort previously delivered goodies for the Soldier, and now it's bringing the Braniac Pack and Moonman Pack for the Pyro and Engineer, with new weapons and some awfully fetching accessories. Most likely, you'll only be able to get them at first by buying them, but then the items will start dropping and become craftable--as is the way with most packs.

If you're an unpleasant little brat who demands presents now, item drop rates have been doubled until Wednesday.

Valve has only revealed part of the update's contents so far, promising the rest of the details tomorrow, along with the update. There's also a new comic showing where the new Grordbort toys came from, and, if you missed out on the origins of Australian Christmas, do read Valve's explanation from last year.