Possible Metal Gear Solid 5 concepts revealed in lengthy 'Revengeance' documentary

In a very candid behind-the-scenes documentary, Hideo Kojima and members of his Kojima Productions staff discuss the problems his team encountered during the production of Raiden's ninja-action adventure. Revealed as a new game at the 2011 VGAs, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is now in development at Platinum Games--the team responsible for over-the-top action games like Bayonetta.

Rarely do gamers get a glimpse at the complete drama that unfolds when a project is deemed a failure, but the nearly thirty-minute long video does just that. The video also does one other key thing: it teases potential concepts for Metal Gear Solid 5.

The video opens with legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima discussing potential concepts for Metal Gear Solid 5. "We were in a situation where we had to start planning for MGS5. So I started coming up with several ideas," Kojima says. "I had several ideas for a game featuring The Boss and the Cobra Unit during the invasion of Normandy."

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As for the dramatic re-telling of the troubled development behind Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, it truly seems like Kojima wants to move on from the Metal Gear universe, but constantly gets pulled back in--perhaps mostly of his own volition. Platinum Games appears excited to tackle the challenge, realizing that a microscope will be placed on any studio that uses the Metal Gear name, regardless of whether or not it is a numbered game in the series. Then there's the Kojima Productions staff, who seem regretful for the failure making us just feel bad things didn't work out. Then again, the documentary may be highly dramatized for the sake of showing the world how serious Kojima and Platinum is about slicing robot people into a million pieces.