Star Wars: The Old Republic future plans detailed

Star Wars: The Old Republic is rolling out its early access as it prepares to launch, but like any good MMO, the developers already have ambitious plans for the future. Game director James Ohlen outlined some of the patches to come soon.

New Guild features are a top priority, including Guild banks in the near future, and the longer-term goal of Guild Capital Ships. Speaking of ships, Ohlen also promises more space combat missions, and a "special project" that will "expand space gameplay in a significant way."

The full list is pretty lengthy. Ohlen also teases more PvP features, including new Warzones. New worlds will include Operations, Flashpoints, and solo content. Legacy experience will be updated to give you special powers, objects, and other benefits. Finally, the team is working on letting players customize their UI. These features are already slated, but Ohlen says that the team intends to respond to feedback as well.

"It is fair to say that we're just as excited as you are about the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic," said Ohlen in the announcement. "Not only are we launching one of the largest and most impressive games ever created, but we're also excited about the prospect of continuing to work on the game so that you, the fans, will always have something heroic and amazing to enjoy."