YouTube and iHeartRadio join Xbox Live today

One week into the launch of the new new Xbox Experience, Microsoft has announced a new slate of entertainment apps for Xbox Live Gold members. Starting today, you'll be able to view YouTube videos and trashy TMZ clips directly from your console. Of course, every app released today will be Kinect-enabled.

Here are all the apps available today:

  • iHeartRadio lets you "listen to more than 800 of the nation's most popular live broadcast radio stations."
  • MSNBC will surface "news, sports, and entertainment video from across the web."
  • TMZ will offer the latest "Raw & Uncut video of your favorite celebrities." Probably won't include porn. Probably.
  • Verizon FiOS TV will allow subscribers to watch "select" live television on their Xbox 360, letting you change channels with Kinect.
  • YouTube will let you watch your "favorite viral videos," letting you watch Star Wars Kid on your TV over and over again.

Of course, there are a few additional entertainment apps in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more.