Dirt Showdown announced; arcade-style racer coming to PC, Xbox 360, PS3

Perhaps with all the puns intended, Codemasters is spinning off its Dirt franchise into something a tad more flashy. Dirt Showdown has been announced, coming to the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 in May 2012. The game eschews its traditional features for arcade-style fun, including modes like demolition derby and stunt driving.

Codemasters promises this isn't the new direction for the series, simply a detour, as the company is said to "return with a renewed focus on simulation in Dirt 4."

According to a preview from GameSpot, Dirt Showdown has learned a few lessons from other driving games, adding features like a performance tracker akin to Need for Speed's "Autolog" mechanic. A "mission-based" mode promised players with the stepping stone toward social challenges.

More information is available on the franchise's official Facebook page, where initial reaction to the new retail title is mostly positive. What do you think about the direction of Dirt's spin-off?

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