Batman: Arkham World teased

Shock! There's going to be another Batman: Arkham game. Titled Batman: Arkham World, the game was teased during the Spike TV Video Game Awards during the "acceptance speech" for Joker, who won the Best Character award from the show. While accepting the award, the CG animated Joker held up a script for "Batman: Arkham World," saying "whoops, spoilers."


Of course, this is far from a formal announcement. Still, the Batman series has a penchant for VGA-related announcements, given by Arkham City's CG debut at the VGAs last year. A follow-up to City is inevitable... but we're hoping the title will get a change. We've contacted publisher WB for follow-up information. (Otherwise, can we expect Arkham 4 to be Arkham Galaxy?) [Ed. Note: The headline of this article was changed from 'announced' to 'teased' while we wait on word from Warner Bros.]