Peggle to receive 'stylistic reboot'

Does Peggle no longer thrill you the way it once did? Sure, the combination of unicorns, rainbows, bouncing balls, and Ode to Joy made something truly alluring. But it's been over four years since PopCap Games introduced its pachinko game to the world, and maybe it just doesn't have the same luster.

But you'll be able to give Peggle the makeover it deserves. A new job listing reveals that PopCap is looking to give the series a "stylistic reboot."

"PopCap is looking for an Art Director to join our Peggle Franchise Studio," the hiring call states. "The Peggle Franchise Art Director will be responsible for defining and directing a stylistic reboot of our Peggle franchise."

The Art Director will have to "define an artistic vision for the Peggle franchise," making it quite the daunting responsibility. In addition, the hire will be responsible for creating and maintaining a "franchise style guide."

Peggle is one of PopCap's earliest successes. It recently revamped Bejeweled on iOS, making it clear that the company is unafraid to go back into its catalog for new products.