Japanese 'doujin' indies coming westward via Capcom and Nyu

Capcom is joining forces with fellow publisher Nyu Media to bring a selection of localised Japanese 'doujin' indie games westward. Ranging from 'bullet hell' shooters to a high school RPG, the six games will be released for download on PC over the coming months.

The first release will be Astro Port's shooter Satazius, launching on December 20 through Steam, Direct2Drive, and other digital distributors. It'll cost the reasonable price of $5.99.


Then, between now and spring, the dynamic duo will launch atelier773's Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, Fighting Fairy (a working title) and Ether Vapor Remaster from Edelweiss, plus Tennen-sozai's shooters eXceed 2nd - Vampire Rex and eXceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package.

"Our partnership with Nyu Media showcases the immense creativity that's brewing within the Japanese independent game development community and at the same time expands our PC gaming initiatives," Capcom senior VP Christian Svensson said in the announcement.

"I'm thrilled that Capcom is able to play a role in bringing such diverse gameplay experiences to Western audiences."

While publishers like Aksys and NIS bring many less-famous Japanese games westward, indies are under-represented. There's increasing interest in tapping that rich vein of gaming goodness, though. Carpe Fulgur notably had a hit with its localization of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale.

You'll find more details about these six games and their developers over on Nyu Media's site.