MLB 12: The Show getting overhaul to presentation, ball physics

The middle of December might not be the usual time to think about the great American past time, but we've gotten some new details surrounding next year's MLB 12: The Show. According to community manager Ramone Russell, the team is especially hard at work on improving the presentation of players, commentary, and ball physics for this year's installment.


This year will add a feature called the "True Broadcast Presentation," which Russell told the PlayStation Blog was based on feedback from last year's fans. "We're trying to blur the lines between baseball simulation on your PS3 and what you’d see on MLB.TV sitting on your couch," he said. "When a batter strikes out, the camera will cut and you will see his face, his anger." He also promises more season-specific commentary and conversational bits.

The ball physics are also apparently getting a full overhaul. "Our programmer ripped out every line of last year's code and completely re-invented the way the ball acts," he said. "The baseball gains and loses energy like a real baseball, and if you go into replay, you can count the rotations – that ball is going to spin the way it's supposed to. This opens up the game because we have bloopers, ricochets off the bases, balls going into no man’s land... it's much more dynamic and engaging."

The newly announced Vita version can swap save directly with the PlayStation 3 version with cloud saves, but it won't support cross-platform multiplayer. Russell says they're looking into that feature for next year. Asked by a commenter if the buying both versions would yield some kind of discount, social media specialist Sid Shuman said the team is "still working on all the details regarding pricing."

SCEA previously slated both versions to hit on March 6, but this new interview doesn't seem so sure. Russell says the Vita will come in a "similar timeframe" with the PS3, but that they "haven't nailed down the exact timing yet for either game."