Kinect a requirement for Xbox 360 Apps, Microsoft confirms

[Update] A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed Kinect-features will become standard for developers creating apps for the Xbox 360, telling Shacknews: "With the new dashboard our objective is to bring the power of Kinect functionality to every experience where voice and gestures makes sense. We will continue to work with partners to ensure all Xbox app development kit based application integrate Kinect voice and gesture functionality, in addition to being controller and gamepad enabled, so consumers can simply use gestures, voice and their controllers in a seamless way."

[Original Story] You might have noticed that Microsoft's new dashboard update puts a lot of emphasis on the Kinect. Now the company is reportedly requiring future Apps to include Kinect functionality, as a way of standardizing its 360 offerings.

Kotaku reports that Microsoft revealed the requirement at a preview event, suggesting that all future apps will need to be navigable with gestures or voice. Microsoft is also reportedly helping developers with the tools to get the job done, and is aiming to have a standard for voice search across multiple devices. Other added bits of functionality like Facebook or Avatar integration are optional.

Shacknews has contacted Microsoft for confirmation, and will update as more information becomes available.