Sine Mora now an XBLA exclusive

Co-developers Digital Reality and Grasshope Manufacture have announced its downloadable title Sine Mora will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Originally announced for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2010, Sine Mora is a "shoot'em up game based on time manipulation" with music from legendary Silent Hill and Shadows of the Damned composer Akira Yamaoka.

No release date has been established for the side-scroller, "diesel-punk" title; however, the game's first trailer pegged it for a winter 2011 release.

BOOM video 9941

The press release which announced the platform shift gave additional details about Sine Mora's features and inspiration:

Mixing classic shooter sensibilities with next-gen presentation, Sine Mora is a gorgeous shmup that appeals to both hardcore and casual gamers alike. The engrossing Story Mode weaves an over-the-top tale, while the Arcade Mode provides deep, satisfying gameplay to challenge fans of the genre. Sine Mora features over 60 combinations of planes, characters and time manipulation devices to complete every beautifully-crafted stage with scaling difficulty.